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Naturist Massage

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Definition of naturist massage

Life is made up of simple pleasures for meeting and doing good. Naturist massage has always been a great way to get closer to nature and stay away from urban stress. The contact of a completely naked massed body is ideal for regeneration. Between benevolent energy and absolute calm, the fully naked practitioner manages to fill you with her almost divine touch. Naked massage is one of the sensory massages with sensory power. This category of modeling makes it an atypical care because of the nudity which characterizes it.


What is naturist massage?


Having a massage is always a great idea. It is a sure way to enjoy long-sought after and unfulfilled well-being. To this end, opting for a naturist massage can prove to be a very wise choice. It is also a type of massage that comes in several categories and several forms. Everything is established for the sole purpose of satisfying the client properly. Let's go together to discover naturist massage and what it involves.

What should you remember from naturist massage?

Naturist massage is a fairly special type of massage. Of course, he uses all the basic techniques of massage therapy, but in addition, he practices naked. That is to say that both the masseur and the massed find themselves in their Eve outfit. The name naturist refers to a nudist character. Indeed, here, as part of a naturist massage, no bathrobe or towel is used throughout the session. Naturist massage is therefore a meeting between eroticism and naturism. However, its erotic character should in no way be misinterpreted.

It is equally important to note that the masseurs suitable for this type of massage are professionals. Also, they are offered in massage parlors, spas, under accreditation and authorization granted.

Who can benefit from an erotic massage?

Erotic massage is above all suitable for adults. Children and adolescents of a certain age group are not able to experience it. In addition, the setting of the session is particularly designed to provide all the comfort and ease necessary for customers.

How does naturist massage take place?

A naturist massage must start with a bath. Generally, it can be a hammam or sauna. These baths are aimed at removing impurities from the skin. This allows clients to better enjoy the enriching experience of this type of massage. Then the installation is done. Masseur as massed naked, comfortable lights, oils and stones if necessary, peaceful and calm playlist, the session can begin! All that remains is to let yourself go and meet the expert hands of the masseur.

What are the benefits of a nudist massage?

Naturist massage mainly influences letting go. It promotes in the person being massaged a better acceptance of his person. It also contributes to the development of sensations still buried and unexploited. Finally, the feeling of well-being it provides makes possible relaxation and total relaxation.

But remember, be careful!

Ethics and morals are part of the naturist massage. It is important not to exceed its prerogatives as a massage during the session. Improper behavior is strongly penalized. See what attitude to adopt during a sensual massage?


Precaution and instructions for use


Practicing a naturist massage is conditioned by basic rules. Absolute respect must reign between masseur and massaged. Bathing is the first compulsory step to start the session. Essential oils can then be used to enhance the massage. It is the same for the candles with essences, the fogger and the music. The client must notify his masseur in case of medical treatment, delicate skin or possible allergies to the products used.

Do not confuse between naturist massage and sexual massage!


The bottom line here is that naturist massage is not for sexual purposes. Despite its erotic character, it does not end with a happy ending or manual finishing.

In case of problem

The rules of your institute's charter must be carefully observed. Sanctions are rigorously applied for any offender. The session can even end at the decision of the masseur. And in this case, no reimbursement of the service costs is possible.

For further :


Best practices for a successful naturist massage 

Naturist massage is done in spas, salons or massage institutes. It should also be noted that some centers offer you the possibility of getting a massage from home or even in your hotel room.

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