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Reciprocal Massage

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reciprocal massage information

Erotic massages include a variety of treatments with sensual dissonance. Among them, there is reciprocal massage. In addition, being naked it is characterized by the possibility for the massed to learn this discipline by exercising in turn on his partner. Therefore, it has a larger dimension on the erotic level and is distinguished from a simple massage. Let us try to take an interest in this typology of naked massage also called "mutual massage" or "shared massage".


What is reciprocal massage?


The interest of many people for massages is well established. More and more people are resorting to it in a quest for relaxation and much-vaunted relaxation. Many prefer the range of naturist massages. Among these is reciprocal massage.

What should we remember from shared massage?

Shared massage or reciprocal massage is already defined from its appointment. Like all naturist massages, it is done naked. The particularity with this type of massage lies in the reciprocity of care. In other words, the massaged person has the possibility of making his masseur benefit from his talents in massage therapy. Needless to say, reciprocal massage represents an extraordinary exchange opportunity.

Here, it is completely recommended to give free rein to your imagination.

What you should know about reciprocal massage?

Reciprocal massage is based on techniques similar to those of Californian massage. In addition, by reciprocal massage, the client manages to nourish his desire to allow his / her masseur (s) to benefit from the same care provided to him / her. Also, it is important to note that despite its extremely erotic nature, reciprocal massage is governed by strict rules.

The properties of a reciprocal massage

Reciprocal massage has many specificities. First, it is the only erotic massage during which the roles can be reversed. Then when practiced as a couple, reciprocal massage plays a capital role through bodily communication. After which, the purpose is only beneficial.

How does reciprocal massage take place? 

It sometimes begins with a bath. This step favors the appreciation of care. Then, masseur and massaged settle in. Without any kind of clothing, the session can begin. Essential oils are generally used. In order to perfect the frame, accessories are added. Soft and luxurious decor, soft lights, sensual music, etc. Everything is done with a view to satisfying the client. After the massage, the masseur (s) can also lend themselves to sensual play. Everything is done according to everyone's desires.

The benefits of reciprocal massage

Reciprocal massage is favorable to the solicitation of sexual desire. It makes possible a better knowledge of the different parts of the body. And its essential asset remains to provide relaxation, well-being and letting go. Through the multiple caresses and touches, the client manages to let himself go. He can indulge in the discovery of a panoply of sensations each as interesting as the other.

Reciprocal Massage Booking

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