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4 Hands Body Body Massage

fre le french version le bain des sens massage paris

Naturist massages in Paris come in several forms. They come in several formulas with tailor-made services. Erotic massages in Paris are renowned for their many benefits. Without forgetting the great diversity of modeling techniques. In addition to that, these nudist massages denote a great sensuality. The 4-handed bodysuit is no exception to this principle.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


The 4 hands bodysuit, a sensual intoxication of your senses


The 4 hands body body massage is included in the category of naturist massages in Paris. However, it involves naughty modeling, away from the clutter of mundane clothing. No need to worry about choosing the right outfit for a massage session in a salon. It must be said that the practice of body body massage dates back to the era of the advent of wellness massage.

Let yourself be carried away in a sensory universe never before seen in Paris 

A real alternative to a relaxation cure, body body massage is proving to be very popular in Paris. This naturist treatment is part of a quest for relaxation and absolute well-being. Above all, it represents an erotic massage of an extremely sensual nature. It is obviously suitable for people who want to access high intensity sensations.

The peculiarity with body body massage lies in the techniques used. Indeed, with this type of massage, there is nothing standard. Everything is based on the creativity of the naturist masseuse and her sense of listening to the privacy of the masseuse. Having all the required knowledge in the matter, she makes sure to give free rein to the expression of her know-how.

Access a unique and personalized experience of naturist massage in Paris with body-to-body massage

A rather interesting variant of the body-to-body massage remains the body body 4 hands. Like the classic body body massage, it is performed completely naked. It is indeed a nudist massage intended to increase the pleasure of the senses. If the ordinary body body massage is renowned for its extreme sensuality, the body body 4 hands is all the more exceptional because you will share it with 2 naturist masseuses just for you!

The principle behind it is quite simple. Usually, sensual massages rely on the dexterity and tact of a single naturist masseuse. With skin to skin 4 hands, the masseuse has the opportunity to benefit from the full attention of two naturist masseuses. The concept of this type of massage aims to provide more relaxation and relaxation to the massaged person.

It is through a sensual melee that the masseuse benefits from the know-how of two charming nude masseuses. Their skillfully sculpted body contributes immensely to the relaxation process. The same is true for the use of essential oils, the scents of which generate pleasant scents throughout the naturist massage session. It is a gentle climate put in place to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

When a double know-how is put at the service of the customer 

The 4-handed bodysuit is based on techniques similar to those of the classic bodysuit. Thus, the entire body of the sensual masseuse is involved in this naughty massage. Through light touches, she makes the massaged discover the delights of body body massage. Her sensual caresses reveal a surging wave of pleasure within the latter's very being.

Not only calling on expert hands, the body body 4 hands also calls on other parts of the body. The toes, thighs, buttocks, all these parts are likely to bring the massaged to ecstasy. For a much more in-depth relaxation, the naked masseuse exercises kneading, kneading. With great ease, she invites the massaged to a total letting go.

For the 4-hand body body massage, two naturist masseuses are available to the masseuse. They are actively working to deal with the latter. This can be done simultaneously or in turn. The client thus benefits from the combined expertise of two erotic massage professionals in Paris. A pleasantly exquisite moment is promised to her throughout the naturist massage session.

A naturist massage session rich in thrills

The 4-handed bodysuit takes place in a setting conducive to the occasion. Indeed, everything is done to ensure complete relaxation to the massaged. Thus, the massage cabin reflects a most welcoming decor. With a sober and simplistic decoration, it gives rise to a sumptuous and soothing atmosphere. The massaged, once his bath is taken, will feel completely at ease in the cabin.

The next step is for the materials needed for the session to be successful. To do this, the naturist masseuse has different essential oils. These come with a wide variety of pleasant scents. They inoculate the massé, a feeling of tranquility, inner peace. In addition, these oils participate in a more sensual contact between the masseuse and the person being massaged.

The 4-hand body body massage session takes place under the combined attention of two nude masseuses. One of the possibilities remains that the latter simultaneously apply their know-how. The other, on the other hand, involves a coordinated strategy. One of the sensual masseuses before the other. In addition, the 4 hands body massage session can last about an hour. Its cost is estimated at 300 euros depending on the district where you practice it.



Body body massage sessions are subject to clear and concise regulations. To this end, there is a charter stipulating the basic rules within the establishment. Thus, the 4 hands body body massage session does not take the place of depravity. Any inappropriate behavior is punishable by strict and rigorous sanction. The session is systematically interrupted without the possibility of reimbursement of the related costs.

Furthermore, not all people are able to try such a treatment. Particularly due to the use of essential oils that may cause discomfort. But still, for the simple reason that this type of massage generates quite intense sensations. Thus, people with skin problems are not recommended to rub them.

Finally, people with heart disease are not allowed to try 4 hands body massage. The same is true for those suffering from diseases such as hypertension or diabetes.


 Le Bain des Sens - 38 rue de Tocqueville Paris 17th 

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