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Soft Domination

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The abbreviation BDSM can reveal excitement for some or generate fear for others. But what does this really hide behind this acronym that arouses both mystery and fascination?


Initiation to Soft Domination (BDSM) in Paris


Do you want to go to the next level to spice up your party? Introduce yourself to soft domination. The acronym BDSM or Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Masochism means a form of contractual exchange using the pain, the constraint, the humiliation or the staging of various fantasies for an erogenous purpose. Some practices are bisexual, others concern only the man or the woman. There is a notion of violence and pain (moderate and admitted of course). You have to make the difference between the game and real violence that would be inappropriate. It is therefore imperative to set a limit between the partners, never to cross.

BDSM - Introducing domination to satisfy one's sexual fantasies

Bondage involves tying your partner to himself with a rope, chains, handcuffs. These knots can be made at the wrists or ankles without being too tight to avoid injury. They are made for the purpose of constraining the movements of the tied up person, who is then prey to the contacts of his partner.

Tying your partner's hands is a good start for soft domination. With a scarf, belt, or other tie, tie both of your partner's hands. If your partner is up or down. Cross your hands in front: the posture will be less uncomfortable. If he is sitting or kneeling, tie his hands behind his back, this is a sexier position.

Like submission, this soft domination is not perverse: it is simply the time of sexual intercourse, to enter the skin of another.

Course, duration and price of a BDSM session at Le Bain des Sens Paris 17th

Le Bain des Sens now gives you the opportunity to explore your inclinations through BDSM and fetishism. Your institute in Paris 17th, takes the time of a dungeon-like session where domination and other games of submission (SM games) are at the heart of the stage.

The duration of the service can vary between 45 minutes and 1 hour depending on the chosen scenario and your ability to withstand pain. The price for him, is also conditioned according to your request, but count on average € 200.

Several scenarios can be considered according to your relationship to domination. We even offer an introductory "program" for novices who would like to learn about the submission. Program in which our "domineering mistresses" guide you to the practice of the SM. For reasons of ethics, our establishment offers only "soft" domination sessions to avoid endangering the lives of both our staff and our customers. Properly speaking, "hard domination" is not a service offered by Le Bain des Sens. No sexual benefits will be served.

For any request, do not hesitate to push the doors of our living room to inform you

Domination Soft BDSM Booking
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Merci ! Message envoyé.

Le Bain des Sens - 38 rue de Tocqueville Paris 17th

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