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Le Bain des Sens Massage

Le Bain des Sens relaxation area is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, naturist massage parlor in Paris. Real professionals welcome you with charm and courtesy.

The oldest naturist massage parlor in Paris

Your naturist massage salon does not offer sex or medical massage, nor physiotherapy technique but an erotic massage in sensuality. 8 bare-chested masseuses will provide you with their relaxing treatments based on wellness techniques from around the world. Among them you will have the choice between:


And many other à la carte services will be offered.

A Parisian wellness area in the strictest hygiene

The strictest hygiene is de rigueur and ask in return the same cleanliness in our space of well-being Paris. Powerful jets of lukewarm water and steam are at your disposal when showering for pleasant thrills on the body.

The multiplicity of offers aims at simultaneously provoking polysensory sensations on the body. Our institute has existed for several years and is anchored in the world of sensual massage in Paris. This explains the number of visits in constant progression. Why, choose a Spa with a single masseuse when you have the opportunity to make your selection among 8 sensual practitioners. As true experts in the art of massage, they will share with you their disciplines. Relaxation and relaxation methods from all over the world are provided here.

Lodged in Paris 17th at 38, rue de Tocqueville, you will not be insensitive to the quality of service of our erotic massage parlor.

- Metro Malesherbes - Bus 518 Pont Cardinet -

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