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Tantric Massage

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Tantric Massage Booking

Definition of Tantric massage

Known as Tantra or Kashmiri massage, tantric massage is founded by Hindus in India. Tantrism is a doctrine assimilated to a lifestyle, a philosophy leading to the harmony of the 5 senses. Occidents quickly incorporated it into the manners for its virtues as much psychic as physical. But what does tantric massage really reveal?


What is tantra massage?


Tantric massage or tantra massage is a sensitive treatment is a path to emotional harmony, body and mind, a yoga in itself. It allows to know better one's body, to reach the balance between the body, the spirit and the emotions; to prevent stress, anxiety, depression, but also and especially to awaken the senses. To empty oneself is to leave room for other sensations and, above all, to reconnect with what is pure and profound.

This lifestyle in its own right keeps his body in good shape. The goal is personal fulfillment and development. In practice, it is often appreciated by the couple to stimulate or restimulate sexual desire. It becomes a tool of sharing and communion to allow the exchange and reconnect with the principle of unity. Moreover, it is not only practiced by couples who encounter difficulties in his hand, since many use it daily for an osmosis of their union.

Kashmiri massage for more sexual fulfillment

Kashmiri massage provides almost instant relaxation thanks to the release of endorphin in the body. It has an effect on morale and is particularly recommended for people prone to depression, anxiety or stress. The mental, bodily and emotional harmony allows the massed person to enter a phase of introspection and self-acceptance through the awakening of the senses. The tantric thus calls for a real introspection work leading to the observation and analysis of his feelings. A communication with his inner heart for a better understanding of his conscience and the control of his emotions.

Postures to adopt during a tantric massage?

The patient is lying on his side in the fetal position, and the masseur kneels or sits cross-legged behind his back. The goal is to be able to massage both sides of the body at the same time with gentle movements without forgetting any zone. You will come out with a sense of unity and harmony of your body and mind. These tantric massages help to restore confidence to the person being massaged, to make him discover his borders while teaching him the respect of his body.

However, ethics is strict in this respect, the massage of these erogenous zones must not lead to a sexual relation especially when it is practiced outside the private sphere, as for example in an institute of well-being. The massé can thus rediscover forgotten sensations or simply discover new sensations.

Who to advise Tantrism?

Tantrism is especially for couples but also men and women who want to feel natural and intense emotions. In the intimacy of the couple it is appreciated for the search of orgasm. On the other hand, when it is performed in a massage parlor, the feeling sought is quite different since it aims at well-being and sensory evasion. Regular tantric massage is beneficial for improving a person's physical and moral condition. This is why it is recommended for individuals who are subject to stress and anxiety. As for very introverted people, the use of tantric massage will lead to disinhibition and confidence building.

Where to enjoy a tantric treatment?

The tantric treatment is offered by massage parlors, spas and holistic and energetic care cabinet. You will find it especially in your naturist lounge Le Bain des Sens in Paris 17th.

Procedure, duration and price:

Practiced often on futon for greater comfort, tantric massage is performed by one or two masseuses using essential oils.

The duration varies according to the salons and the cards, it is about 30 to 60 minutes.

The price of a tantra care varies according to the establishment which delivers it to you (institute of well-being, Spa, cabinet). On average the price is €150, but can sometimes easily exceed €200 depending on the geographical location or you find and the quality of the establishment that receives you. Plus the institute is luxurious using high-end equipment with balneotherapy and the price will be higher.


Procedure, duration and price:


Practiced on a massage table or futon, the Californian massage is performed using essential oils to promote comfort on the skin.
The duration varies according to the salons and maps, it is about 30 to 60 minutes.
The price may vary according to the type of establishment (spa or institute). On average the price is 100 €, but can sometimes exceed 200 € if the service is accompanied by a spa treatment. Often in this case, it is a high-end institute.

In all cases, to avoid regrets we advise you to learn about the reputation of the establishment that will deliver the care. Do not hesitate to read the notices or to consult the quality charter to learn more.


Merci ! Message envoyé.

 Tantric institute Le Bain des Sens - 38 rue de Tocqueville Paris 17th 

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