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What is Naturist Couple Massage?

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The naturist universe is the host of couples wishing to discover naturism with its panoply of facets. A desire to learn about naturist couples massage in Paris and to benefit from their multiple benefits. For a quest for deep relaxation, Lovers can also access an erotic massage session.


A sensual universe at the service of naturist relaxation for couples

The perception of naturist massage for couples 


The pressures within society and within each family sometimes have a negative impact on the life of a couple. Thus, partners are often overwhelmed by tensions at various levels. This state of affairs generates sensations such as fatigue, stress, anxiety, and this, on a permanent basis. In the long term, some couples lose their intimacy.

The concept of naturist couple massage in Paris is presented to spouses as an alternative to these unpleasant situations. It offers them an opportunity to get together for a naughty massage in the company of talented naturist masseuses. Naturist massages are conducive to intimate reunions between the two partners.

What does an erotic massage for couples consist of? It is a modeling of the body, a special attention offered to lovers. It can cover the whole body or specific parts. The particularity with this concept lies in the massage outfit. Here, the erotic massage session does not require any outfit. Both the naturist masseuses and the couple take part in it while being naked.

This nudist character of the sensual massages highlights a state of the person free from any complex. Being able to stand naked in the presence of other people implies a certain assurance, a setting aside of modesty. These two factors together show how naked massage aims at total self-surrender.

For couples, naturist massage is a way to recharge their batteries. During a moment of intimacy rhyming with rest and relaxation, they can vaguely escape from their usual constraints. It is the way to share an experience for two, to live together a sensational story rich in emotions.

Naturist massages for couples in Paris can be modeled according to their tastes and desires. Thus, there are intimate massages intended to introduce couples to naturism. It is usually a classic nudist massage, based on basic wellness massage techniques. For couples who know about it, the choice of naked treatment is more rigorous.

Nudist massages adapted to the specific needs of couples 

In Parisian naturist massage parlors, couples have access to various types of massages. From the simplest to the most sensual, a carefully concocted range is available to them.

Nude massage for couples with hammam or jacuzzi option 

The naked massage experience for couples begins with subtly executed caresses and touches. In this case, two options are possible. A visit to the naturist hammam to cleanse the skin and prepare it properly. In heated rooms, the partners are subjected to the effect of heat for about fifteen minutes.

The operating principle of hammams is simple. Exposure to high heat leads to the phenomenon of sweating induced by a considerable dilation of the pores of the skin. This sweat evacuated by the body concentrates all the toxins present there. Thus, the body is freed from dirt and the skin is ready to fully feel the sensations associated with the massage.

The couple can opt for balneotherapy. To this end, he is invited to take a sensory trip throughout a whirlpool bath in a jacuzzi. The movements of the water provide a pleasant sensation to the bodies of both partners. In addition, the warm water temperature opens the pores. The preparation for the initiatory naturist massage is thus made.

Thereafter, the naked massage is administered by sensual masseuses. They promise the couple an erotic ceremony at the forefront of their quest for intimacy and relaxation. Using their expert hands, they meticulously stimulate the senses of those massaged. These revel in this sweet attention with great pleasure.

Tantric massage combined with shared body body for couples 

Couples can also lend themselves to an ancestral massage that has benefited from a few touches of modernity. Tantric massage is a naturist treatment aimed at stimulating sexual energy. However, its practice requires an essential prerequisite. A bath for two or in the company of naked masseuses who will take care of making these preparations more wonderful.

Throughout the bath, the masseuses use soaps enriched with essential oils. The couple can therefore enjoy a pleasant bath enhanced by exquisite scents. In the absence of the practitioners, the two partners mutually administer the bath. There are no techniques to apply here. Just let your imagination run wild.

Tantra massage for couples consists of awakening the energy points of the body. This results in the activation of the stimulation of vital energy. Implicitly, the soul, body and spirit find themselves in a state of static equilibrium. The partners are then able to reconnect with his emotional and physical stability.

The session continues with the execution of a shared body-to-body massage. It is an alliance between body body massage and reciprocal massage. Indeed, the couple benefits from a mutual exchange with their respective naturist masseuses. Bodies coated with essential oils intertwine in a sensual and erotic embrace. Please note that this exchange is conducted with respect and courtesy. No sexual abuse can be tolerated.

In addition, the couple engages in learning that is as pleasant as it is edifying. He administers to the sensual masseuses, a naturist massage thanks to their advice. He thus learns to put into practice naturist modeling techniques that can be useful in the future. The session is enriching because it takes place in several phases and generates a variety of sensations.

What is interesting with this naturist couple massage option is the possibility of massaging the masseuse. It almost sounds like a fantasy to many customers. Through the formulas for couples, the massed can finally satisfy it. The body to body denotes a remarkable sensuality.


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