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4 Hands Naturist Massage

fre le french version le bain des sens massage paris
4 hands naturist massage

According to its many facets, naturist massage is offered to customers in various days. It acts as a rest and relaxation for all those who wish to get away for a short time. Parisian erotic massage parlors offer services that are as tempting as they are beneficial for the body of the massaged. The 4-hand massage is a particularity of naturist massage in Paris.


4-hand massage, a specialty of erotic massage in Paris


The 4 Hands naturist massage adheres to all types of sensual massage. It is above all a naturist massage. Its practice is based on techniques specific to erotic massage. They vary according to the type of massage concerned, the needs of the masseuse, as well as his desires. It is offered through various and varied formulas in naturist massage parlors in Paris.

This naturist massage, like all other nudist massages, is performed naked. Indeed, this sensual massage is administered by two naturist masseuses. Thus, the massé finds himself naked in the company of charming hostesses in the room intended to be the place of the massage session. It is also a special moment, accessible alone or as a couple.

What are the properties of the 4-hand massage? 

The 4-hand massage has a remarkable specificity. It is carried out using the know-how of two naturist masseuses. The person massaged therefore has the possibility of benefiting from 4 different expert hands. This is what justifies the name "4 hands massage" given to it. Relaxation and relaxation through this exquisite massage are particularly appreciated.

In addition, the 4-hand massage involves synergy. To achieve the desired effects, the 4-hand massage session takes place on the basis of real teamwork. So sensual masseuses can take turns operating. They can, moreover, carry out the various maneuvers in a synchronized manner.

What are the qualifications of 4-handed naturist masseuses? 

The sensual masseuses assigned such a mission are wellness massage professionals. They have received professional training in the techniques specific to performing a well-being massage. As such, they have all the knowledge in the matter; this knowledge is essential for the success of the 4-hand naturist massage.

The 4-hand naturist masseuses combine their expertise in naturist massage with personalized touches. However, they manage to perform synergistic movements in order to provide the masseuse with real pleasure. This is an essential characteristic of the 4-hand massage. Being also a sensual massage, the masseuses express all their creativity through this treatment.

What are the steps for performing a 4 hand massage? 

In general, a 4-hand massage session begins as soon as you are immersed in the reception room of the establishment. Indeed, charming hostesses are made available to the massé. They offer him a very friendly welcome, initiating the naturist treatment to come. Everything contributes to arouse in the massé a total ease.

The latter is then taken to the massage cabin carefully prepared for the occasion. The setting presents a warm atmosphere; it combines a sober and chic decoration. Subdued lights complete a magnificent picture inspiring softness and total self-abandonment. The massage cabin can be enhanced with a playlist of spellbinding tracks.

The person being massaged is now invited to take a bath. This step is always part of his preparation for receiving the nudist treatment. Wrapped in a towel, he can join the two naked masseuses in the appropriate room. Here, they sit him comfortably on a massage table while taking care to shed some light on the 4-hand massage.

The actual massage can start. Through touches and caresses, sensual masseuses arouse the senses of the masseuse. When it comes to tense areas, they exercise less superficial massage techniques. This is the case for example with friction, kneading, kneading. According to the institutes, a snack is offered at the end of the 4-hand massage.

Opting for a 4-hand massage, some interesting reasons

Why choose a 4 hands massage? Because it is above all a naturist massage. The concept of naturism is one of the most interesting contemporary ideas. What a pleasant way to access certain relaxation while stepping away from the journeys of everyday life! A lapse of intimacy in the company of charming masseuses whose sole purpose is to please the person being massaged.

The 4-hand massage is remarkably original. Being able to afford the services of two naturist masseuses all to yourself is very interesting. What about all the benefits associated with the expertise of 4 agile and knowledgeable hands! This type of sensual massage is a true ritual of the senses for the body of the masseuse. Achieving absolute well-being is therefore no longer a simple task.

The synchronic nature of the gestures of nude masseuses is favorable to a deep perception of the effects of the 4-hand massage. Indeed, the massaged offers his body to expert hands combining skill and tact. The gestures performed by naturist masseuses are very precise. As for their double action, it allows the patient to feel more intensely each of their reach.

In addition, this sensual massage gives the body flexibility. When the nerves are relaxed, and the pressures broken, the body regains all of its energy, all of its vigor. The use of essential oils gives eroticism to the massage session. Some of them also have therapeutic virtues that can be fully enjoyed by the masseuse.



The holding of a 4-hand massage session is regulated by a charter specific to each establishment. However, it will simply be necessary to remember that any deviation in behavior is sanctioned. Everything takes place in an atmosphere characterized by mutual respect between the nude masseuses and the masseuse.

In addition, the 4-hand massage is suitable for both men and women. For a personal experience or for two, it is just as easily accessible.


 Le Bain des Sens - 38 rue de Tocqueville Paris 17th 

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