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french version frequently asked questions le bain des sens
  • Choose the Californian massage if you need to be comforted.
    The Californian massage is based on wraps and languid movements similar to rocking. If your choice is on this massage, do not look for it is that you like to be consoled to see protected. You are sensitive to softness and delicacy, the Californian wraps you in a box as to be safe. In this type of massage it is the masseuse who leads the dance to give you all his attention. Californian massage aims to soothe the body and reduce stress through oscillating techniques to bring you into a cocoon of well-being. Attention, some people can be disturbed to see being embarrassed to be touched by a complete unknown. Rest assured our masseuses are perfectly at ease with the close contact of the body without making them feel uncomfortable. Their level of mastery and degree of expertise allow them to insert a climate of trust to promote your letting go.
  • Curious about the idea of ​​knowing the "nude massage" but completely new to the subject, orient yourself towards the "discovery massage" as a sure bet."
    Just the thought of booking your first naturist massage are you all excited? Before directing you to erotic massages such as tantric massage or body body massage, it is best for a first experience to direct you to the "discovery massage" in its 30-minute version. Introduction to sensual massage, the discovery massage is a good approach that will make you enjoy various gestures such as friction, kneading, sliding, kneading. In this treatment the practitioner is naked and the fluidity of his movements on your skin will be enhanced by the use of essential oils. The massé lying on a comfortable futon will be able to contemplate the miracles of the naturist relaxation favoring the well-being of the body. To go further, find out which outfit is most suitable for an erotic massage?
  • You appreciate the naturist massage with the idea of ​​bringing together the body, the body body massage is undoubtedly the care that suits you best."
    If you are comfortable in the physical proximity and the massage seems natural to you because the touch is the first of our senses. If you like to explore the new sensations that promote relaxation and provide comfort, harmony and balance then head to the body body massage. We can not touch without being touched. Principle demonstrated both physically and emotionally. Easily identifiable, hand-to-hand massage is reputed to be a caring erotic because it is performed by a sensual masseuse completely naked. One of the great benefits of this sensual care is the special feature that the practitioner's body becomes a tool to massage allowing the massage to receive even more benefits.
  • Need to stimulate your sensory appetite? Tantric massage is a classic sensual massage for lovers of great sensations.
    You appreciate the sensual massages for the complicity that they can bring, the tantric massage is above all a moment of sharing whose motto is "to be in harmony" above all. Being in symbiosis with yourself and your partner so that you can synchronize with the practitioner. Essence of erotic massage, tantra increases this connection to relaxation and improves the connection to the other. A communication that goes beyond the physical to become spiritual. Tantric remains a heuristic experience, an invitation to meditation in the conscious state, to bring out your sensory power.
  • You would say that you are a regular seasoned naturist massage, motivated by the search for new sensations, close to your first experience, so try nuru massage, a care that produces prolific effects naturally."
    The sensual massage can for certain lead to an "addiction" leading you to consume regularly this type of care. The nuru massage is in the process of taking the limelight at tantric massage, as it responds to the latest trends in naturist wellness. The slippery gel that is used for the practice of care multiplies the desire to make you feel pleasant sensations, comparable to strong emotions. Often practiced in Spa especially in a Jacuzzi to allow you to improve comfort and relaxation. It should be noted, however, that the person receiving the nuru massage is seen as a partner without any degree of intimacy. Massage is an art aimed at relaxation and the improvement of general wellbeing.
  • Whether you have a strong character with a dominant male side or that you like to submit to? We advise you to turn to the "soft domination".
    Your personality is emphasized by the authoritarian side with an unconditional need to lead everything, as would a group leader? Do you like risk taking and sensations beyond the extreme? So the sensual massage may produce reverse effects, close to frustration, not meeting your expectations that say the do not fall under any form of relaxation. This is why we advise you to move towards soft domination. Games and practices that highlight the dominant / dominated relationship. Domination can also be aimed at sensitive and submissive people, seeking great comfort. The techniques of BDSM are numerous, suggesting a very broad prism of domination. Without being able to quote them all, we will retain the main ones: disguise in maid, to be tied, to be handcuffed, blindfolded, to submit to a mistress all dressed in leather, excited by the idea of ​​disguise, behave like a baby to ask for attention, to be punished, to be spanked, to be insulted, all forms of fetishism (feet, heels, tights, leather, ...).
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Our massages are not associated with any medical technique or physical therapy. (Art. 1 of Decree No. 96-879 of 8 October 1996 ) No soliciting in and outside of the facility will be tolerated under penalty of interruption on the field of the session without refund.

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