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Frequently asked questions - FAQ of Sensual Massage

We will try to answer all the questions you ask so that you make the most of the benefits that will be offered in our institute.


Are you massage at home?

All services are performed in the environment Parisian our massage salon. For the time so we did not move.


Can I choose my masseuse?

Of course, you can choose the person you want but we recommend trying several types of massages in order to know or those that suit you best.


Do you massage oils?

Yes, indeed, and it is even highly recommended. We have selected the most suitable massages and also the most effective oils.


Why such great price differences in massage?

Some sessions had time to double compared to others. Some massages require the presence of two masseuses as for the 4-hand massage . It is normal that the price is so variable.


Is it possible to touch the masseuses?

In all existing massage you are in contact with the naked masseuse. In general, it is the masseuse who is in touch with you because it is the intervener. For this, we offer mutual massage in which you can massage your masseuse naturist . But you greatly enjoy the benefits of a naturist massage performed in the rules of art.


I mean is it possible to have a slightly sexual contact?

We have already answered this question in another form. There can not have sexual contact, even slightly depending on your expression. The rules are clear at this level and there can be no derogation.


Is what you take credit cards?

Absolutely. You can tune your sessions by credit card or in cash.


Can I be repayed by social security?

Insofar as it is not a prescription , for which we have also not calling, no support from the CPAM can not be expected. This is called comfort massages and so they have no therapeutic.

Our massages are not associated with any medical technique or physical therapy. (Art. 1 of Decree No. 96-879 of 8 October 1996 ) No soliciting in and outside of the facility will be tolerated under penalty of interruption on the field of the session without refund.

Le Bain des Sens, 38 rue de Tocqueville 75017 Paris /

Welcome to the Bain des Sens, Spa and erotic massage parlor in Paris, which offers as the name suggests a peaceful and relaxing environment to receive the eminence of the naturist massage in a very luxurious atmosphere. Our naked masseuses welcome you in the greatest intimacy of his private cabins to enjoy one of the many sensual massages. Opt for the escape of a nude massage in Paris 17th...


38, rue de Tocqueville

75017 PARIS /

Metro : Malesherbes

Hours : monday to friday from 11h to 21h

saturday and sunday from 12h to 20h

With or without appointment.

- Open holidays -

Happy New Year 2021!

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