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Californian Massage

fre le french version le bain des sens massage paris

Californian massage definition

Known in the world of sensual massage, Californian massage is considered a massage of comfort that is practiced naked. However, in practice it has the distinction of being present in traditional and naturist institutes. But what does Californian massage really consist of?


What is Californian massage?


Californian massage is a sensitive treatment for all those who want to relax above all. Beyond the simple modeling, it is a therapy sometimes see a psychotherapy that helps to relax. It is affectionate for its soothing virtues on the whole body favoring to make disappear tensions and contractures.
The masseuse who lavishes it is either naked, topless or sometimes dressed when it is proposed in traditional spas.

Californian massage was born in California in the 60's. It finds its place in the universe of the naturist massage by the sensuality which it releases. It should be noted that this is not a sexual massage.

The Californian massage often considered as the antistress of the massage

The Californian massage is characterized by slow and harmonious movements giving it a sensual side and hints at its origin, a new body technique in the sensory form.

Renowned as the antistress of massage, he knows his heyday in the 80s, where he will be more and more employed.

What are the virtues of California?

There are many virtues that Californian massage offers, but among them are the following:

- emotional virtues,
- spiritual and mental virtues,
- physical well-being

Who's the advisor?

Although it is for everyone who wants to let go, Californian massage is perfect for:

- anxious and stressed people,
- great athletes,
- people suffering from muscle pain,
- introverted and shy people.

Technique and gesture of Californian massage

The technique of Californian massage consists of draining the lymphatic circulation to lead to the calming of the body. Performed in the form of long fluid and delicate movements favoring the relaxation of body and mind. Going in crescendo, starting on slow gestures to gradually intensify. Reassuring this enveloping care will comfort you with its kneading and effleurages. In the form of fluid sequences and punctuated by delicate and light hands, you are drawn into a spiral of well-being and relaxation.

Where to enjoy a Californian skincare?

Californian skincare is mainly given in massage parlors and spas and sometimes in thalassotherapy centers. You will find it especially in your naturist lounge Le Bain des Sens in Paris 17th. 


Procedure, duration and price:


Practiced on a massage table or futon, the Californian massage is performed using essential oils to promote comfort on the skin.
The duration varies according to the salons and maps, it is about 30 to 60 minutes.
The price may vary according to the type of establishment (spa or institute). On average the price is 100 €, but can sometimes exceed 200 € if the service is accompanied by a spa treatment. Often in this case, it is a high-end institute.

Californian Massage Booking

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 Le Bain des Sens - 38 rue de Tocqueville Paris 17th 

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