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The Origins of the Massage

french version history of massage

Known as antiquity, massage or extreme eastern "massage therapy" is a discipline that relies on energy points, more commonly known as energy massage, except that the latter is complemented by therapeutic techniques such as acupuncture , Dietetics, energy gymnastics, ...

The proven effectiveness of massage for millennia

Since the dawn of time, relaxation techniques have always been effective. Formerly, in China the massage was used as a preventive medicine, allowing to quickly relieve ailments before the arrival of the doctor. It was also applied against chronic diseases in addition to medications, to lead the patient towards energy balance. The ancients made use of plants and all that nature could offer them.

Massage helps to regain energy and health

Massage or massotherapy has a great capacity for action on health and energy. It allows to regain vitality and well-being, favorable for our organism. It is not a treatment in depth, which is the doctor's responsibility.

Nevertheless, have attributed to him many virtues in particular at the level of the psyche, helping to better understand its body and to take charge.

History and evolution of massage

As early as antiquity, therapeutic massage was taught to relieve suffering. The Chinese used it daily as beneficial to the body.

Then there are methods of using hands in 540 J-C, or early medical texts were found.

Under the Ancient Empire in 221 J-C there were therapeutic advances introduced by Chinese doctors, including gymnastics elaborated according to animal posture (monkey, tiger, ...).

It was at the end of the 5th century (581 after J-C) that new techniques appeared in Japan with the "Shiatsu" to stimulate the vital energies.

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