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Erotic Massage

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An overview of erotic massage

A true contemporary concept, erotic massage enjoys great renown today. It is therefore much adored, not only because it fits into an innovative framework, but also because of its proven benefits. Erotic massage is one of the essentials in the quest for relaxation.


From Asia to the old continent


In ancient times, massage was a specialty of Greece and Rome. It was practiced in several fields including medicine and sport. Old manuscripts of Chinese medicine treatments also make reference to the practice of massage. This culture is based much more on the spiritual and psychic aspect of the concept.

In addition, renowned for the manufacture of essential oils, India appears to be one of the forerunners of wellness massage. The masseuses of the time used their knowledge, but also the virtues of these different oils. From China to India via Japan, massage techniques have undergone many diversifications with tantric massage or even with nuru.

The culture of wellness massage then spread to Europe. Doctors, psychologists and fencing masters have further developed the foundations of wellness massage. Some of them have provided new syntheses, others have simply improved on previous research. To learn more about "massotherapy in history" click here.

In the past, the practice of erotic massage was considered to be teaching in relation to sexuality. It was for people who want to reconnect with their privacy. It was also a way for couples to maintain an exchange as subtle as it was sensual. Later in Europe, sensual massage aimed to achieve total self-surrender.

Sensual massage, a revisited ideology of well-being massage

Sensual massage is a well-being massage. However, it has quite original properties. To begin with, the practice of erotic massage requires total nudity. As such, it is also qualified as a naturist massage. Such a name because it implies a return to the original state of being.

Indeed, being in perfect balance with nature is favorable to the process of relaxation. However, the nudism associated with performing the erotic massage does not suggest any depravity. There are rules that govern the practice of erotic massage.

Then, the sensual touch of erotic massage is provided by the application of essential oils. They are chosen according to their pleasant scents and their potential virtues in certain cases. These scents are likely to trigger the mechanism leading to a certain well-being.

Finally, to benefit from a sensual massage, the person massaged must necessarily take a bath. This step is required for two main reasons. The first concerns a hygienic aspect. As for the second, it takes place in the context of preparing the body for the reception of this intimate treatment.

Performing erotic massage, a variety of techniques combined with professionalism

The good progress of the erotic massage is based on a precise combination. It combines different types of maneuvers and perfect expertise on the part of the well-being professional.

It is equally important to note that the masseuses who lend themselves to this type of massage are professionals. Also, they are offered in massage parlors, spas, under accreditation and authorization granted.

Softness, firmness, lightness, power

The practice of nude massage involves several techniques depending on the type of massage involved. Thus, the gentle maneuvers concern the touches, the caresses. They blend with the sensual side of erotic massage. Through these, the massaged person feels chills, very pleasant sensations.

Other techniques of higher intensity are also involved in the quest for well-being. This is the case with kneading, friction, kneading. These techniques are often rhythmic and applied according to the feelings of the massaged person. They involve power, because they aim for deeper sensations. They mainly apply to muscles.

Art, virtuosity, sensuality, dexterity

The administration of erotic massage is a matter of art. Whether accentuated on a traditional or contemporary aspect, it takes a perfect mastery. To this end, wellness professionals, generally masseuses and sometimes masseurs, benefit from training subject to recruitment.

Erotic masseuses exhibit dexterity; the application of the treatment combines skill and skill, as it relates to specific areas of the body. They then demonstrate excellent coordination of their movements; which further testifies to their expertise in the field. Combined with sensuality, they intimate deep emotions when massaged.

Naked massage, treatment at the institute or at home?

To enjoy a sensual massage, several options are possible. Nowadays, there are many erotic massage institutes and salons, not to mention wellness centers which sometimes include this type of nude massage in their services. Thus, it is possible to make an appointment at an institute or to make the reservation online.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

It is important to notify that an erotic massage is available to everyone, except children and some special cases. This naturist massage is for curious people. Those eager to discover this popular concept and to experience all of its contours.

Also, it is suitable for couples in search of new perceptions, new feelings. The same goes for couples looking to break their routine. Erotic massage presents itself to them as an emergency exit which is more interesting. It turns out to be an experience rich in lessons and emotions.


Erotic massage in practice: the benefits for the massaged


This sensual massage presents strengths on the physical and moral levels of its beneficiary.

Concerned about the physical benefits 


At first glance, erotic massage stimulates the libido. The touch of sensuality it gives off arouses a real awakening of the massaged person sexual senses. In addition, the stimulation of the erogenous parts contributes just as well to this state of affairs. The massaged person discovers his intimacy in a different way. It is therefore able to measure and control its range.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

At the same time, the latter is exposed to subtle caresses. Like a sumptuous rhythm, they give him intense pleasure. Relaxation begins superficially before integrating into the very depths of being. On the other hand, holding an erotic massage represents a cult where you have to really let yourself go in order to fully enjoy the benefits.

Exhaustively, this naturist massage makes it possible to resolve various disorders. Tactile maneuvers performed with power are favorable to the elimination of pain in the back, joints. It also acts as a treatment for the recovery of patients, obviously under medical advice.

As for moral profits 

One of the first moral benefits is the lessening of the effects of stress, anxiety, depression. Erotic massage opens the way to the perception of a more buried, deeper dimension of being. Stimulating in some cases vital energy, it instills in the body a feeling of calm and total appeasement.

In addition, through this massage, the massaged person tames his energy flow more.

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erotic massage

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