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What attitude to adopt during an erotic massage?

french version le bain des sens institute
behavior to adopt during a nudist massage

Enjoying a naturist massage in Paris requires a good relationship between the masseuse and the masseuse. It is therefore essential to ensure compliance with certain essential rules. In addition, the good relationship required for the success of an erotic massage goes through an obvious cooperation between the masseuse and the masseuse. Thus, the outfit throughout a naturist massage session is undoubtedly important.

Provide a remarkable welcome to the customer

The naturist massage parlors in Paris want to generate absolute well-being. To do this, all the details are taken into account in order to ensure relaxation and naturist relaxation during massages. Thus, the process starts from the immersion within the Institute. The hostesses offer the customer a cheerful welcome. They are particularly trained to put the massaged person at ease.

Then, the naturist masseuses take over. With great kindness and sympathy, they lead the massaged person to the massage cabin. Once the bathing stage is over, they take care of setting up the massage. Known for their pleasant company, they make sure to put him at ease before starting the massage itself.


It must be said, the priority for a naturist masseuse remains the total satisfaction of her client. As such, she uses all her professional talents to achieve this. Comfortably seated on the massage table, the patient is invited to let go in order to fully savor the sensual massage session. It is not uncommon to see the naked masseuse guiding him in this quest for unprecedented well-being.

Fuel a climate of trust and communication

Erotic massages in Paris adapt to the specific needs of the masseuse. They aim to meet specific expectations of the latter. So, it is essential for both the masseuse and the masseuse to communicate constantly. We will not fail to say it, the naturist masseuse has the ability to listen to the privacy of the masseuse.

However, his expertise is expressed more when the masseuse is able to clearly state his needs. Thus, a successful naturist massage session requires an atmosphere of good understanding between the masseuse and the masseuse. It is quite possible for the masseuse to guide the masseuse in the application of massage techniques. It will benefit him all the more.

The masseuse can then notify the masseuse of the need for a more intense application or not of his movements, for example. Also he can specify the desire to enjoy a treatment application on a specific part (there are of course limits not to be crossed). Communication throughout the naturist massage session makes a better application of this nudist treatment favorable.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Present perfect personal hygiene

The naturist massage session requires impeccable physical preparation. This is why the bathing step remains essential. Indeed, the massaged must prepare his body to receive the naturist treatment to come. It is also a question of hygiene since naturist massage is performed entirely naked. Thus, we ensure to give back to his body a touch of cleanliness to perfect the massage session.

Before admission to the massage cabin, the massaged can enjoy a hammam or sauna treatment. These are hot baths, taken in cabins designed for the occasion. Under the effect of heat, the pores of the skin dilate. Thus, through the phenomenon of perspiration, the body evacuates impurities. This state of affairs is favorable to a better appreciation of modeling techniques.

Hygiene is essential in the massage cabin to prevent any transmission of impurities from the massage therapist to the massage therapist. The erotic massage denotes a remarkable sensuality. As a result, it involves an almost total melee, where caresses and touches mingle. Furthermore, the masseuse in charge clearly explains to the masseuse the validity of this preamble.

Show mutual respect


Any good relationship is based on respecting certain principles. It does not remain about it less in the salons and institutes of naturist massage in Paris. There must be mutual respect between masseur and masseuse. Thus, the masseuse has a duty to offer the masseuse all the due consideration. She must apply the massage with the utmost respect for her person.

As for the masseuse, he must also be able to respect the naturist masseuse. First, he is strictly prohibited from engaging in inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate behaviors are all attitudes likely to undermine ethics and morals. The massaged person is in no way authorized to request a service other than the one initially chosen.

The latter, for example, cannot afford to engage in too personal a conversation with the naked masseuse. So he can't try his hand at some disrespectful touching. Naturist massages, despite their erotic nature, do not take the place of depravity or perversion. Therefore, any act in this direction is strictly prohibited.

The charter governing naturist massages in Paris

Before being able to enjoy a naturist treatment at the Institute in Paris, clients are invited to read the establishment charter. This charter first reflects the philosophy of naturist massage. It looks like a permanent lifestyle that is very beneficial to adopt. This philosophy also applies to the overview of erotic massage in Paris.

Then, the charter governs the behavior to adopt in institute to be able to access a sensual massage session. It highlights the attitudes not to hold, the gaps not to have. The client takes cognizance of it upon entering the Institute. He is subject to it and undertakes to respect everything that is entered therein.

Finally, the charter addresses a last aspect related to naturist massage sessions. These are the penalties for non-compliance with ethics and morals during said sessions. They imply an immediate suspension of the naturist massage session and a possibility of non-reimbursement of the costs allocated to the massage session.

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