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Oriental Naturist Massage

fre le french version le bain des sens massage paris

Smells of jasmine and delicate scents of Rhassoul oil recalling the sweet scent of the Orient, oriental massage has always been recognized as a very relaxing treatment that promotes relaxation. The oriental naturist massage is now made possible at Le Bain des Sens in Paris 17th to satisfy the loophole of the senses ...


Purify your body with an oriental naturist massage in Paris


Much more than a ritual, oriental massage as indicated by the oriental tradition is seen as a true ceremony for body and mind. Acting as a purifier of spirit, this ancestral care invites you to travel to the land of 1001 nights. The use of Oriental products will plunge you into an abundance of senses. When the treatment is performed in the steam room, it helps to soften the pores and promotes relaxation.

Who better than our oriental masseuses to give you an oriental naturist massage in the heart of Paris. Like an Amir, you will enter our Spa serving as the Eastern Palace for a session, where you lose all sense of time. It is in Queen of Sheba that Jasmine and Atika will make you discover the charm to the oriental.

Ritual of relaxation coming from Orient with a wrapping of the body with Rhassoul

The oriental massage is very appreciated for the secrets of relaxation that it delivers on the skin. After a 30-minute session in the hammam, the practitioner will apply a Rhassoul wrap for invigorating and stimulating sensations. Body wrap that is comforted by an exfoliating scrub with black soap. Rhassoul is known for its purifying properties. Thoroughly cleanse your skin to give it a glistening, silky look. The perfumes released during the treatment will remind you of the sun of the Maghreb countries.

Scented jasmine candles, oriental massage provided by our oriental masseuses Atika and Jasmine

Scented candles with jasmine flowers, essential oils scented with sweet almond, path dotted with rose petals, so many fragrances to welcome an exhilarating care to the oriental, which is also soothing and comforting.

For more realism, we have chosen 2 oriental masseuses to perform your massage. A sweet oriental music to dress the decor and immersion is total.

To bring this closer to the oriental culture, a tea with mint and pine nuts will be served as the custom of Tunisia. Your masseuse can be dressed as a belly dancer, bringing a folkloric and playful side to your session. An option that you can request before your checkout.

Glitzy steam room with scrub & exfoliant with black soap: take your senses to the land of 1001 nights

It is in a steam bath that you can explore all the beneficial virtues of oriental massage. It is completely naked that you will be admitted in our glitzy *hammam. You decide to receive this treatment by one or two masseuses.

The steam bath will help you to "melt" muscle tension through the heat penetrating your skin. The massage will have the effect of ironing the areas of tension until blurring. The technique of effleurage and friction used will sensitize you to relaxation. Lubricated skin in contact with massage lotions will cause a slippery effect, softening muscle tissue, facilitating relaxation.

* IMPORTANT: Caution, the hammam can sometimes be contraindicated to the following people:

- people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure),

- pregnant women,

- elderly people who are sensitive to heat,

- people with Parkinson's disease.

Our hostess will inform you when you make your reservation.

The black soap scrub has always been part of oriental rituals. This powerful exfoliator is an ally for the skin giving it a sparkling and silky side. It has the property of erasing, cleaning and exfoliating the skin to help the skin to breathe and purify.

Process, duration and price of oriental care:

The duration and the price can vary according to the chosen formula: Oriental care alone or Oriental massage + hammam. On average the duration of the ritual is 60 minutes to fully enjoy its benefits (detox, relaxation, sensuality, ...).

The price of oriental massage is on average € 150  but can exceed € 200 if you opt for our different formulas: Spa, 4 hands, reciprocal, Option "belly dance", ...

Go further in relaxation, try your sensual oriental massage in our mirror room. Talk to our hostess on your arrival ...

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 Le Bain des Sens - 38 rue de Tocqueville Paris 17th 

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