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Body Massage

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When the body easily becomes main, a new greatness. Body massage is certainly the most popular sensual massage. Older erotic massage, body-to-body always fascinated men. Beyond the sensory effects the body body is a real aggregate that stimulates the pleasure hormone.


Body massage definition


The body massage commonly called "body-to-body" massage is practiced on people seeking relaxation. This naturist modeling is defined as a form of expression, an art for some when it is well done. This treatment is given completely naked. The massed man who receives him is also stripped to facilitate the exchange with the practitioner.

In most cases, the body body massage is lavished by a professional masseuse. It is the whole body that is asked to massage. It is different from other sensual or traditional massages, where only the hands and forearms are used. That's why body massage is said to embody the very essence of erotic massage. More physical than another body care, the practitioner comes out more tested at the end of the session.

Body-to-body, a must of sensual massage

After a day of stress and hard work, what better than a body-to-body massage. Sharing an intimate moment or simply to relax in a romantic atmosphere, there is always a good reason to use body massage. There are many massage techniques, each designed to relieve or relax specific parts of the body. With the body massage, it's a whole universe that must be prepared to discover.

This gel allows to increase the sensations during the treatment in order to experience even more pleasure with his partner. The person massaged can lie on the stomach. The masseuse can then coat the gel along her body while massaging it in a sensual way, by touching with the fingertips each parcel of skin of the massed, every corner of her body.

Body-to-body massage, nudity and sensuality

To perform a hand-to-hand massage it is essential that both people are completely naked. The body body massage requires the use of an essential oil or an edible massage oil to coat on the body of each. At first the masseuse begins by oiling the body of the person massaged with his hands according to the classic principles of massage well-being. To further stimulate the senses, you can also spread flavored essence into the room. The hands as well as all the parts of the body are solicited during the body body massage. Indeed, as its name indicates, it is the whole body of the masseur who massages that of the other and vice versa. Thus, the legs mingle and disentangle, the feet touch, and the massed must be able to receive the message issued by the masseur.

Body massage, exchange and tenderness

This massage has an erotic vocation, accentuates the mutual desire of the partners, thus encouraging the sharing. This method has also been effective in stimulating sexual appetite in a couple. Indeed, the gestures of tenderness and attention exchanged by the partners during the session play an important role in their love life.

When practiced in Spa or institute the genitals of the mass are not touched or touched. It must not lead to a sexual act. Even today, morals mistakenly equate body-body massage with a form of disguised prostitution.

Variations of the body-body massage 

The body-body massage can be declined in different forms to amplify sensory ecstasy. Here are some possible examples:


Body-to-Body Massage Reservation

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