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Nuru Massage

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Nuru massage definition

Variety of the naturist massage, the Nuru massage is a variation of erotic massage with gel, stimulated by contact with the body of the masseuse well-being. But what does a nuru massage really consist of? Where can we find it? What are its benefits ?...


Origin of nuru massage


Nuru massage is a highly sensual treatment that originated in the Land of the Rising Sun. If in France, it is still unknown to the general public, in Japan it is a common practice. Europeans can now acquire it and try the ultimate pleasure experience. Particularly appreciated for its sensory dimension and the emotions it refers to the massaged, the Nuru attracts more and more men because it responds to a new trend of well-being naturist. For the past decade, nuru modeling has been the most popular treatment. He is in the process of exceeding the demand for body-body or tantric massage.

Specificity of the Nuru massage: the nuru gel to stimulate pleasure and promote sensual relaxation

What is special about nuru massage is probably the use of its special and thick gel with a smooth appearance. Made from nori seaweed, an edible seaweed used in Japanese cuisine. The nuru gel is thus distinguished from the most common massage oils. Unlike the traditional freezes, the latter is not sticky and offers a body-to-body sensual.

This gel allows to increase the sensations during the treatment in order to experience even more pleasure with his partner. The person massaged can lie on the stomach. The masseuse can then coat the gel along her body while massaging it in a sensual way, by touching with the fingertips each parcel of skin of the massed, every corner of her body.

What are the benefits of the Nuru?

1. Spice up your love life

In the intimacy of private life, nuru massage is a practice that allows you to add spice to a relationship to bring a new breath. Particularly playful its typical gel enhances the feeling of well-being and emphasizes the sensory side. It allows, indeed, to awaken and release the sexual energy. Brilliant for the couple, it will give them the opportunity to share a unique moment and discover new sensations.

2. Satisfy the relaxation and respond to the libido problems encountered by the couple

In addition to promoting relaxation, it is a real therapy for the couple if he is affected by problems of libido. If you experience a sexual breakdown or the desire of your partner is less heard, before consulting a sexologist, sex therapist try the practice of nuru massage to revive the pleasure and revive the flame. Cheaper than a medical procedure with a specialized psychotherapist, you can discreetly order on the internet the intimate gel nuru for a few euros only.

Where to get a nuru massage?

Beyond the private sphere, nuru massage is not only for couples. Indeed, a single person can benefit through the salons naturists, also called "salon erotic". These are spas or institutes specializing in sensual massage. Mostly located in Paris you will not have a hard time finding a massage center offering relaxation naturist for well-being. However, not all offer the nuru care because it requires specific equipment. The best is to ask the establishment beforehand if the practice of nuru massage is possible. The erotic massage parlor Le Bain des Sens offers the Nuru in a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere. To personalize your desire for well-being, you will have the privilege of choosing your masseuse to lavish it on you.

Process, duration and price of the nuru massage

  • The nuru massage is practiced most often on a special inflatable mattress that has the ability to absorb the Nuru gel. More and more spas tend to offer it directly in the jacuzzi (remou bath). The body of the masseuse the nude masseuse envelops that of the massed person. Her breasts, buttocks and the whole of her body can thus easily slide on the body of the massaged thanks to the gel. Nuru massages are also punctuated with caresses and effleurages. Every part of the body and carefully with sensuality and delicacy. It is not necessary to follow all the steps beforehand. The shower upstream then the massage followed by a second shower are going very well.

  • Depending on the institution, the duration varies between 30 to 60 minutes. Nevertheless, it is advisable to book at least an hour to fully enjoy its effects on the body.

  • The nuru massage is a very erotic massage by the polysensory effects that they cause to the massé. The implementation of this massage requires an investment for the institute that offers (purchase quantity nuru gel, inflatable mattress, trained staff, ...). Therefore, the basic price of such care is 200 euros minimum and can go up to 370 euros. The geographical location of the institute can have an influence on its price.

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