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Make stop Naturist Massage in Paris - Le Bain des Sens

Your erotic massage parlor in Paris is open 7/7 days a week, on Sundays and holidays. Book now your naturist massage...

fre le french version le bain des sens massage paris

The naturist massage in Paris to thrill!

Ruban bleu avec des étoiles

massage room

Enter the charming and Welfare Universe. Your naturist massage and erotic Le Bain des Sens, in the heart of Paris 17th offers leisure and relaxation services: Massage Wellness, naturist massage, tantric massage, Californian massage, body body (skin against skin), sensual massage, 4 hands massage, erotic massage, nuru massage, SPA, Steam ...

Our professional masseuses naturists are warmly welcome men, women and couples in a modern and luxurious setting.

Our naturist massage institute in Paris uses natural products and essential oils herbal to relax your body and calm the mind.



                                             Close your eyes, relaxation starts here ...

Exclusive: Discover a Naturist Massage Map of enriched wellness!

Novelty: Soft Domination, BDSM

You appreciate change, too! Because our universe of well-being and sensual beauty often rhyme with delicacy and sweetness, it was necessary however acclimatize to the needs of each one by proposing soft domination and fetishism to our card. Come discover all the submission scenarios (SM) available in the famous Bain des Sens Massage Center.

And like every week discover our erotic massage in the spotlight for a session of complete relaxation. Discover our special summer 2024 offers.

Follow all the news of Le Bain des Sens, with the naturist massage as an energy boost to share alone or as a couple...

Our erotic massage parlor in Paris offers a range of lascivious massages and body treatments own incomparable to clear the body and mind of all negative voltage and thus to remain calm.

Everything is done to allow our visitors out of the institute in the finest possible state of relaxation and relaxation.

Spa & Massage Hammam Nudist

All the ingredients are there to make it happen:

Choosing the masseuse and erotic massage

You can even compose your naturist massage paris according to your wish.
Although it is not physical therapy or medical massage, the effects are still extremely effective and sustainable.



Your Senses Spa Bath welcomes you with or without appointment Monday to Friday from 11h to 21h and 12h to 20h the weekend and holidays at 38, rue de Tocqueville 75017 Paris.

- Metro Malesherbes - Bus 518 Pont Cardinet -



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Enter the Virtuous Circle of Naturist Massage in Paris ...

massage naturiste paris

Spa massage naturiste paris

Erotic Massage Salon

Our Erotic Massage Parlor in Paris

fre le french version le bain des sens massage paris

Sensual massage

Relaxing massage

Relaxation massage

Tantric massage

Nude massage paris

Naturist massage institute paris

Our Erotic Massage Parlor in ParisThe erotic massage salon in Paris where total immersion

Le Bain des Sens is the naturist massage salon in Paris which offers its customers a wide range of erotic massages. Naturist masseuses who welcome you are true experts at the forefront of relaxation and relaxation techniques. As true professionals, they are providing you their naturist massages with a mastery unequaled for complete immersion.

Spa and erotic massage parlor at once!

The reasons that made ​​the success of our Paris institute are numerous. We will unveil a few:


- Our establishment reunites both an upscale spa with steam room, sauna and spa but also to be an erotic massage parlor, combining personal care services very sensual.


- Our lounge is recognized by all with our naked masseuses who appreciate provide welfare to people and their greatest satisfaction is to see passing visitors leave in the greatest serenity, completely relaxed and relieved of stress.


- The places are particularly known for the comfort they provide in a Zen spirit, lascivious and relaxed.

The expectation of the naturist massage in Paris 17th ...

Over the years, the massage parlor Le Bain des Sens became the essential address for erotic massage in Paris 17ème. Which ranks as one of the leaders of the capital. Here, the key word is wellness for all. To do this, everything is implemented :


- Well hot showers,

- Giant tubs,

- From heated massage tables,

- Hot towels , - Soothing lights,

- Air conditioning in all seasons,

- Exclusive treatments and novelties. Book the novelty of the moment, the sensual oriental massage.


Naturist Massage

Rates Naturist Massage

Our Sensual Massages Menu

Your wellness area, Le Bain des Sens in Paris has developed a massage menu at once sensual and refined. Fixture in the world of nudist and erotic massage, our institute cultivates a sense of detail through a common passion, the glamorous and lascivious massages. Playing with the olfactory sense thanks to the use of aromatic essences but also the tactile sense in contact with naked bodies. We reveal through our card genuine creations wonders staged by our voluptuous naturist masseuses. A feast for your senses...

Naturist Massage Discovery - The sensorial awakening 


Caresses tasty and sensual touches. Ideal for a first naturist massage.

30mn | 1h 

massage naturiste definition

Californian Massage - Voluptuousness and escape


The opulence of the Californian massage with warm oil for divine feelings. Tenderness envelope for the body.

30mn | 1h 

also exists in Couples massage 1h 

californian massage definition

Body Massage - Body to Body 



Alliance sensual massage body body for a skin against skin intoxicating sensations.


30mn | 1h  

also exists in Couple massage 1h 

body-to-body massage definition

Mutual Tantric Massage + Body 

The must naturist massages. The incarnation of eroticism in this body treatment where your masseuse will use her whole body.

30mn | 1h 

also exists in Formule 4 hands 1h 

massage reciprocal definition

Tantric Massage - Sensual awakening


Surprise your senses with this sensual tantric massage. Get to the point of extreme desire with this intense experience.

30mn | 1h

tantric massage definition

The intoxication of a Nuru Massage 


Shared pleasure of a Nuru massage, current trend of erotic massage...


30mn | 1h  

also exists in Formule 4 hands 

nuru massage definition


soft domination what is it

Domination Soft and Fetishism, long-awaited services are now part of the services offered by the card! Soft Domination (DM) introduces you to submission practices (BDSM), sadomasochism (masochism) and servitude. In search of new forbidden pleasures hidden in your deepest fantasies, submit yourself to the forbidden ...

Discover our Spa massage formulas for even more relaxation...

Body Body Massage
Naturist Massage Mutual
Tantric massage
Nudist Couple Massage
Nuru Massage Paris
Massage 4 hands
Californian Massage
Soft Domination

Hammam Spa Paris

Access our steam room , jacuzzi and dive into a world of well-being...

Spa Jacuzzi + Body + Mutual Tantric 

Accompanied by your masseuse

90mn | 4 hands 

also exists in Couples Massage 90mn

(Complimentary Champagne) 

Hammam + Reciprocal + Body Tantrique 

Accompanied by your masseuse

90mn - 420 € | 4 hands

also exists in Couples Massage 90mn

(Complimentary Champagne)

Hammam Spa Paris
Jacuzzi Paris

Our Masseuses Naturists in Paris

fre le french version le bain des sens massage paris

A team of 7 naturist masseuses to Paris to work for your relaxation

7 naturist masseuses Le Bain des Sens in Paris, you reserve the best home for your massage remains a unique moment marked under the sign of relaxation and wellbeing. Our sensual upscale massages are provided with great care and discretion to extend the urge to relax.

Olivia, Sabrina, Atika, Noemie, Jasmine, Lea and Deborah bring you into a new dimension, that of luxury and beauty with many scents where you forget everything that you have been known for relaxing massage. This time of sharing and complicity of our institute are a relaxing setting in which you relax alone or in pairs for an absolute privilege moment for both the body and the mind.

Luxury getaway with naked masseuse of your choice


And if luxury residing in a perfectly erotic body care done by one of our nude masseuses which we leave you free to choose. You will share and the complicity of a nude massage from a selection of erotic massage the best known are :


naturist massage

- erotic massage,

body body

- Californien massage,

reciprocal massage,

- nuru massage,

- tantric massage,

- ayurvedic massage,

- 4-hands massage,

- naturist massage for couples.


Our masseuses willing to curves suggest you to associate its care in our spa (whirlpool) or steam to increase the relaxation of the intensity and strengthen the feeling of well-being.


The development and letting go with our naturist masseuses in Paris 17th

The naturist massage is its principle practiced by a naked masseuse and we are not derogate (unless specifically requested by your will), but it would be regrettable to deprive you of the erotic charm and beauty of our hostesses who are also selected on aesthetic criteria (body worship) in addition to their expertise.

The pleasure largely contributes to your relaxation and well-being. Depending on the massage , our staff will execute techniques specific to each. The plurality of these are made ​​with good hot massage oils , the use and effects deeply penetrating increase results from a massage lavished in the purest tradition naturist .

Our masseuses welcome you every day of the week, even on weekends with or without appointment to give you a sensual unforgettable care. all our wellness practitioners have chosen to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

- Contact us without delay to the -

Our naturist masseurs are not escorts

Masseuses Naturists
Our Charter of Massage

Our Charter of Sensual Massage

Our quality Bain des Sens Paris

Your massage institute Le Bain des Sens in Paris proposes naturist massages high sensual content for your greater relaxation. Our erotic show is a mixed occupancy welcome men, women and couples in an upscale and discreet. Experience the erotic massage with scents of essential oils and hot oils, as imitated but never equaled.

Once your service ordered, the customer agrees to follow instructions in the school premises. As part of our hygiene, the client is invited to take a shower. Guests have the necessary equipment to do this (towel and bathrobe). Find out what is the most suitable outfit during the erotic massage?

Our naturist masseuses perfectly mastered modeling techniques and touch in order to satisfy the well-being and relaxation. From the controlled carefully, it will no longer undergo change whatever it is.


Get caught by background music and get drunk relaxing fragrances such elixirs bewitching the mind and body. We invite you to take time to relax through massage of comfort for a truly let go. You will be seduced by the sensual and intense massage.

It is in the utmost privacy that our naked masseuses welcome you to seek professional erotic massages and naturists. The erotic massage parlor Bain des Sens is committed to the quality of its services to help you to relax and escape.


We offer a map massages finest among her find traditional massage, massage body body (melee), the Californian massage, tantric massage, and multiply pleasures with our four hands.


Relax in the whirlpool délassants a lavish spa - therapy, hot tub or steam room accompanied by delightful naturist masseuses with slight curves. Our massage parlor Le Bain des Sens Paris has been designed to give you maximum comfort.

Our masseuses will offer you warm cold drinks, tea or coffee to make your meeting a special moment. Enjoy the hammam single, couple or friends.


We remind our guests that our bare benefits are devoid of any sexual nature and apply in accordance with naturist practices. Our massages give a relaxing and energizing properties in any case they will be associated with medical or therapeutic techniques. Failure to follow the rules dictated by our charter will result in the end of the session without being able to claim a refund. Our masseuses are not escorts but wellness practitioners.

To find out what attitudes to adopt during an erotic massage session, click here.

The whole team of Bain des Sens wish you a pleasant meeting.

Naturist Massage - Hammam - SPA Paris

Our ​​Philosophy of  Erotic Massage

The naturist massage as a state of mind

Much more than a way of living, naturism is primarily for the institute Le Bain des Sens a way of thinking, a philosophy, a mindset that is characterized by the practice of naked massage in the respect of everyone. It is often wrongly equated with sex or such practices. It would be wrong to know what type of massage to summarize this. Our SPA in the heart of Paris 17th (close to the Boulevard Malesherbes), you discover these naturist massages and raise them to a noble rank far received stereotypical ideas that we can have on sensual massages and which tends to depreciate them in a disgraceful way. Our institute puts it in the spotlight every day restoring it to its former glory. Here it is only a question of rest and relaxation.


Free your mind by the naturist massage

We are born naked to remind us undoubtedly the relationship we have with nature. It is in this spirit that you approach your session. It is once naked, you release stress we afflicts Western society. No clothing, no discomfort disturbs the equilibrium of a wellness massage to give free rein to the meeting of the body. Unfettered exchange of energy flows can thus move freely and transmit all its benefits like saving virtues.

Our massage parlor offers a variety of naturist massages all of which are common to stimulate your 5 senses. We suggest tantric massage with a remarkable intensity in order to understand all its meaning.


Try an erotic massage is défintivement adopt !

The whole direction of Bath team strives to offer a high quality service that will extend the life of wellness and relaxation on the body.

All those who have tried have retried experience as pleasure is intense. The feeling of relaxation is declined to infinity as the benefits are numerous. Among them, the institute offers the sensual and relaxing massage provided by our sumptuous naturist masseuses . Luxuriate in a design spa, or in an authentic hammam which will stimulate your entire being. All of us have been meticulously designed to condition your mind and prepare your body to enter a state of deep meditation.

We reserve you a warm welcome in a discreet and luxurious setting , a temple of the naturist massage in Paris itself up to you. Erotic and tantric massages are at Bain des Sens, come and try them! Our naked masseuses you receive every day from Monday to Sunday.


Contact us at to book your relaxing massage.

Naturist Massage Philosophy

Massage Service

Sensual massage , quality and more

The massage parlor Le Bain des Sens Paris opens its doors to the naturist massage in Paris, where everything is and sensuality caress for a moment of relaxation and intense relaxation. You abandon yourself to wellness massages : melee massage (body body), Californian massage , tantric massage, relaxing massage, erotic massage. As a happiness never comes alone, we give you access to additional services such as our SPA, Steam and Whirlpool ...

The upscale sensual massage in Paris 17ème

Our masseuses will sublimate your body with warm massage oils to transport you pleasure.

You will love our charming naked masseuses, young and sensual. Our erotic massages and treatments are reserved for men, women and couples.

Contact us for more information


                                                       Welcome to the lair of the Relaxation...

Massage Service
Masseuse recruitment Naturist

Recruitment Masseuses Naturist

fre le french version le bain des sens massage paris

Your Massage Parlor Le Bain des Sens hires masseuses in Paris 17

We are looking for passionate naturist masseuses occupation of Wellness and Relaxation. You control where you want to be trained on the techniques of modeling and relaxing massage? You are primarily attracted by the relaxing massage? you are attractive? you're not afraid of nudity? You have the sense of welcome and introduce commercial grades? Looking for a serious job as a masseuse naturist full time or part time? Your first mission as a masseuse will welcome customers and learn about the different treatments that naturists present our map.


Get training in the business of wellness and relaxation

Trained in massage and relaxation techniques, we help you to convey the fundamentals. Once our protocol wellness assimilated, you will support massaging clients to provide them a moment of intense relaxation. You think you fit the required profile to become a masseuse? We invite you to submit your nominations postulant in our Parisian massage parlor. Attractive remuneration. Beginner accepted. Contact us at or fill out the contact form remembering to leave your details without forgetting to attach two pictures of you . We will certainly contact you for an appointment decision.

- The institute Bain des Sens in any case only offers an escort service -

Message received !

Naturist Massage - Balneotherapy - SPA Paris

Application Apply masseuse paris
Contact Booking

Contact & Booking








You will love the naturist massage in Paris, with the institute Le Bain des Sens.

Message received !

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 25 May 2018, you have the right to access, rectify, modify and delete data concerning you. You can exercise this right by sending us an email or post.

Means of payment

means of payment
euro payment

Erotic Massage - Balneotherapy - SPA Paris 

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